Roofing Accessories

At Damerko roofing, we produce quality roofing accessories. Its always good to complement your roofing with the appropriate roofing accessories.

With a wide range of quality accessories, your roofs are transformed into complete roofing systems with functionality, quality, security and an attractive appearance to the roof and the building in essence.


Roof Gutters

Roof accessories such as rain gutters a produced with high-quality materials such as Aluminium and aluzinc
Our roof gutters are built with the best technological methods which also give your buildings or homes a good aesthetical feautre
roof valley

Roof Valley

Why you must install a Valley
• Valley is used to direct rainwater from the center of the roof.
• At Damerko Roofing, we make special valleys for clients on request, for special construction design features.

Our products are of top quality and standardized by the Ghana Standards authority

Our products are of the highest quality on the Ghanaian market.