Sale of Aluminium and Aluzinc Roofing sheets.

Damerko Roofing sells quality roofing sheets to clients at affordable prices as compared to other roofing sheets on the market.

Damerko also produces and sells quality and beautifully manufactured roofing accessories which are unique in the market.

After Sale Services

After installation, we give advise regarding how you can best maintain your roof. This service ensures that the longevity of your roof is maintained.

We also provide re-roofing services, in case there are some leakages or some kind of destruction to your roof. During re-roofing process, you don’t need to move out of your building since, our skilled workers manage the project to ensure that it is hassle-free for you.

Free estimation of Roofing projects

At Damerko Roofing, our well seasoned estimators will help give you an estimation of your roofing project.

We will give you an estimate for you home, providing you with quality materials that will meet your budget. Our team of estimators will be available to take measurements, give you a quote and to guide you with providing the best roofing solution.


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